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Sunset Drive In Movie Theater

 Important Information

ADDRESS: 808 Route 97 Waterford,PA 16441

7-11 $3
6-under Free
Times.. Gates open at 7:30 PM, Movies start at dusk. 
Movies play Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Movies will be posted on Monday for the coming weekend.  
They will still show movies Rain, sleet, hail, tornado, and zombie apocalypse.                 
                        Dogs are not allowed. If you bring a dog, you will be asked to leave.                                                                                      (Service dogs are accepted.)                                                                   No open fires or BBQ grills allowed.
If you are watching the movie with your hatchback up, please tie down to roof level,                                                      there is string available at projection room door.                                      Radio station…99.1 FM

Drive In History

Though there were drive-ins as early as the 1910s, the first patented drive-in was opened on June 6, 1933 by Richard Hollingshead in New Jersey. He created it as a solution for people unable to comfortably fit into smaller movie theater seats after creating a mini drive-in for his mother. Appealing to families, Hollingshead advertised his drive-in as a place where “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.”

The success of Hollingshead’s drive-in caused more and more drive-ins to appear in every state in the country, and spread internationally as well. Drive-ins gained immense popularity 20 years later during the 1950s and ‘60s with the Baby Boomer generation. There were over 4,000 drive-ins throughout the U.S. and most were located in rural areas. They maintained popularity as both a space for families to spend time with each other as well as an affordable date night option.

For now, there is around 300 drive-ins still in operation. Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania have the most drive-ins still in operation in the U.S., with each state having around 30 left. Unfortunately, Hawaii, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware, and Louisiana no longer have any that are still in operation. But no matter the fate of America’s drive-ins, they will always be a nostalgic and cultural icon.

We are fortunate to still have one in our area so make sure you get out and take advantage of it this summer. 

Visit Sunset Drive In

808 Route 97
Waterford, Pennsylvania
Phone: (814) 796-4883

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(888) 123-4562


2345 Divi St
San Francisco, CA 94222


Open Hours

Mon:10am – 5pm
Tue: 10am – 5pm
Wed: Closed
Thur: 10am – 5pm
Fri: 10am – 3pm
Sat: 10am – 3pm 
Sun: Closed

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