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That was exciting

Check out the blog for the more in depth adventures. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for daily, current and future adventures in real time.

Into The Site

There are several areas to explore. I’ve been working on making the site an adventure of it’s own. Make your way through food adventures, travel adventures and more. Spend a few minutes or a few hours , so lets get started.

Adventure Shop and services

Check out all kinds of cool stuff from Geocaching supplies to snack packs for your next trip. I’m also working on all kinds of awesome That Was Exciting  brand gear, as well as some books and adventure guides.

Adventure is all around us.

Everyday can be an adventure or hold many little adventures hidden within our busy schedules. Recently, I’ve begun pushing the limits of my comfort zone. I’ve discovered that there are endless possibilities and opportunities for new experiences all around me. I’ve also found that my mindset was my biggest roadblock when it came to trying new things.  Telling yourself “you can” is the first step to opening yourself up to trying new things. So, I’m encouraging you to stop holding yourself back from having a life filled with exciting new experiences. So, let’s go! Come join me for some new everyday adventures. Along the way, remember to slow down and start enjoying not only the experience, but also the journey leading to it. With a new passion for excitement and adventure, I’m starting this blog. I want to motivate, encourage, and help you and me find more adventures, so let’s team-up and “Make Every Day An Adventure”.




Adventure Catogories

Food Adventures

Finding fun places with food. We all eat so lets make it exciting.

City Adventures

Every thing from Airbnb stays to the Zoo. Lets explore and see what these place has to offer.

Treasure Adventures

The thrill of hunting down long lost treasure or even newly lost treasure.

Adventure Calendar

Exciting past, present and future events. Lets’s meet up.

Adventure Content I Enjoy

This is the stuff I like to follow. When ever I have some free time this is some of the stuff I’m checking out.

Business Adventures

The thrills of entrepreneurship. Stories, help, and ideas .

Places Around My Area Where You May Find Me Hanging Out

Presque Isle state park

Erie Pennslvaina

  • 2017 #1 Best Pennsylvania Attraction – (USA Today)
  • Makes several best sunsets in the world lists
  • 13 beach swimming areas
  • 3,000+ Acres of adventure
  • 21 miles of recreational trails

The Cleveland Hostel

Cleveland Ohio

  • Rooftop deck with great views
  • FREE wireless Internet
  • No curfew
  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining space
  • Indoor and outdoor bike storage

Panama Rocks

Panama New York

  • Season passes available 
  • One mile trail of easy hiking 
  • Established as a privately operated park in 1885
  • New Axe Throwing
  • Treasure hunt for kids


Adventure Footage


Current Adventures



Adventure Ideas


Adventure Pictures

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Exciting Locations

Here are some of the places teaming up with me to bring you discounts, specials, give away’s and more. Show your support with some friendly feed back and a positive reviews.


Food, travel, nightlife, events, and everything in between. Here is a gallery of my adventures while on the fly.

Spring of 2018 I committed to learning and becoming active on Instagram. It didn’t take long for it to become my favorite social media platform. Helping to improve my cell phone photography is only one of the many benefits. For up to the second adventure pictures follow along on Instagram. If you don’t have the app you can see the highlight reel right here in my Instagram gallery.

  • Interact with me and others.
  • Adventures while they are happening in real time.
  • Get bonus tips, tricks and giveaways.

“Here is what some of “the That Was Exciting” fans and crew have been saying.”

“It’s all about finding the little things that make the memories”

Keep up the great work.

“I had no idea that there where so many cool things  to do close by”

Thanks for all the ideas.

“To have someone relatable and real to follow now days is so refreshing  ”

I love following along.