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What I Enjoy watching and following

Here are some of the content creators, bloggers, travelers, and informational resources I really like.  Hopefully this page leads you to some other sites you will enjoy.  

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Looking for lots of fun and exciting things to do??  Follow along and join the crew.  Finding little things that can make every day even better is what this is all about. From taco’s to treasure we will be exploring what my local area has to offer and beyond.

my blog

Stories and details from some of my adventures. Helping  you find and try  out something  new is a big part of my vision. By sharing basic tips and tricks I hope to see you out and about making every day more exciting. If you have a story or would like to share a blog post that might help others let me know.

Content Creators and Adventure Topics

You Tube Content Creators

People I love to watch and follow. These sites and channels are awsome.

Documentaries And Shows

From the Travel Channel to the Food Network. These showes help get some thoughts and ideas flowing.


So many people out there working hard to produce helpful and entertaining information. Show them some love.

Business Related Content

Building and running a business is an extreme adventure. Herte are some great resorces.

Websites I Like for Research

Treasure, food, travel, social media and more. Hopefully this helps you save some time hunting for some good stuff.

Adventure and Travel Movies

Inspiration from the big screen. Here are some of the movies I enjoy relaxing to that are adventure related.

My Favorite Channels 


Karl Watson

YouTube Travel Adventures


Check out the collection of travel documentaries from his backpacking adventures around the world!

Making a film of a trip is the ultimate souvenir. Karl gets to relive the adventures as he is making these amazing documentaries.

For the rest of us, it’s a chance to escape and come on the journeys with him experience the highs and the lows, the fun and frustration, the new friends, new places and cultures – and hopefully you’ll be inspired to go on an adventure of your own!

The Budgeteers


The Budgeteers is all about making the most entertaining and honest travel videos on YouTube. If you’re planning a backpacking trip, or even if you just want to be entertained, this is the channel for you!

Series 1 – How to Travel South East Asia on $1000 (Dec 2015)

Series 2 – How to Travel Central America on $1000 (Dec 2016)

Mini Series – How to Travel Myanmar (Nov 2017) 

And much more.

Sintax 77

YouTube Hiking Adventures


His primary interest is all things backpacking, with an emphasis on great views, unique terrain and challenging mileage. Sintax77’s main stomping grounds are along the east coast, mainly up and down the Appalachian mountain chain, from Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, through the Shenandoahs, Pennsylvania, New York’s Catskills, Vermont’s Green Mountains, and my personal favorite, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Links And Partners


Karl Watson

During my routine search for adventures on YouTube, I stumbled upon Karl Watson’s channel. Little did I know that finding one of Karl’s videos would lead to a marathon of “Hong Kong To New York” (HK2NY) for the next two nights. The “HK2NY” video series is so impressive, motivating, and informative. This adventure is truly “reality TV” at its finest!

So what is “HK2NY” you ask?

Ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling round the world?

Well Karl & James did and they filmed it all!

Hong Kong To New York is a documentary on how these two accomplished an amazing adventure. You will be following along as Karl & James backpack and travel through 20 countries in 4 continents over 9 months, covering a distance of over 42,000 miles. The series is broken up into 11 episodes that take you around the globe. Starting off in Hong  Kong, they begin working their way south through Asia ending up in Australia by episode 5. After hanging out in Australia and New Zealand, they are off to South America. Episode 9 is one of my favorites; it is focused solely on Peru.  After watching this episode, I have added the hike along the Inca Trail through the Andes to the world famous Macchu Pichu onto my bucket list. The next video takes you Island hopping in the Caribbean, going on a jungle cruise in Costa Rica and heading up to Nicaragua for one massive party (a Sunday Funday Pool Crawl).  They finish out their journey with a road trip across the USA and a few stops in Canada.




This is hands down one of the best individually filmed and edited documentaries on YouTube. If you have ever tried to video just one day of a vacation you will understand and appreciate the skill and determination that is being shown throughout this series. The video editing is awesome; it makes you feel as if you’re watching a full production documentary.

This series is a lot of fun to watch. By the end, you feel like you know these two guys and you’re sad the trip is over. I could easily watch it over another 9 + 1 times (you’ll understand the inside jokes after you come along on the adventure).


Karl also has several other travel videos on this YouTube channel worth checking out. I think some of my other favorites are when he is out on trips with his mom. It’s not only about going and experiencing what the world has to offer but who you share and make memories with along the way.


“Here is what some of the “That Was Exciting” fans and crew have been saying.”

“It’s all about finding the little things that make the memories”

Keep up the great work.

“I had no idea that there where so many cool things  to do close by”

Thanks for all the ideas.

“To have someone relatable and real to follow now days is so refreshing  ”

I love following along.