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City Adventures

Let’s find all the exciting things to see and do. I will be focusing on the cities in my area that are do able with a day trip. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of other cool cities being added to my adventures. 

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Looking for lots of fun and exciting things to do??  Follow along and join the crew.  Finding little things that can make every day even better is what this is all about. From taco’s to treasure we will be exploring what my local area has to offer and beyond.

My blog

Stories and details from some of my adventures. Helping  you find and try something is a big part of my vision. By sharing basic tips and tricks I hope to see you out and about making every day more exciting. If you have a story or would like to share a blog post that might help others let me know.

City Adventure Topics

My Area

Only a day trip or weekend needed from where I’m at. Erie, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the smaller places near by.

North America

Exploring one step further.  Let’s hit the road and find some adventure.

World Wide

For now this section is going to be a wish list of info. But will be filling full of adventures in the near future.

List Of All City Adventures

An alphabetical list of cities that I’ve done adventures in.

Travel Gear

If it’s a day trip, weekend or even longer these are some of the things that come along.

My Pinterest

Probably my best resource for great city adventure ideas.

City Adventures Around My Area




  • 4th largest city in PA
  • Known as the “Flagship City”
  • One Main attraction – Presque state park
  • My home town



  • 2nd largest city in OH
  • Known as “The Forest City”
  • One Main attraction – Rock and Roll hall of fame 



  • 2nd largest city in PA
  • Known as “The Steel City”
  • One Main attraction – Bicycle Heaven


New York

  • 2nd largest city in NY.
  • Known as “The City of Light”
  • One Main attraction – The Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright

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Here are some of the places that I’m working with. Check them out for special deals and more.

Ready to Explore??

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