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Food Adventures

Finding good food is one of my favorite things to do .  Follow along as I discover breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Let’s make meal time more exciting!!


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Looking for lots of fun and exciting things to do??  Follow along and join the crew.  Finding little things that can make every day even better is what this is all about. From taco’s to treasure we will be exploring what my local area has to offer and beyond.

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Stories and details from some of my adventures. Helping  you find and try something new is a big part of my vision. By sharing basic tips and tricks I hope to see you out and about making every day more exciting. If you have a story or would like to share a blog post that might help others let me know.

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Reviews, recomodations, and more. Get all the details.

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Taco Tuesdays, Wing Wednesdays, Fish Fridays.  Tracking down the best spots in town.


Some could be considered a full course meal. Find out where to find them how to make them and more.

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Events that I have attended and the ones that I would like to check out.

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    Adding excitement into your kitchen. Fun recipes and more.

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Saving money makes it taste even better. Some tips, tricks and ways to save.

Food Adventures


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That Was Exciting

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Well let’s get started with some food adventures!!


What is a food adventure? Well I’m glad you asked, here are a few examples.

Going to a new restaurant.

Trying something different off a menu.

Taking on a challenging recipe in your own kitchen.

Going to a cooking class.

Even a trip to the grocery store can turn into a food adventure.


Now I’m assuming you’ve found this page because you love food as much as I do. I have found that finding good food is actually harder than it would appear, with a fast food restaurant on every corner and most chain restaurants essentially just warming up pre-made boxed, frozen or canned items, finding something different and fresh is sometimes difficult.

 So first let me get you thinking for a minute, here are a few questions to get us warmed up.

Do you have a regular routine when you are out finding something to eat?

Do you typically go to the same restaurants over and over?

 Do you typically order the same things everywhere you go?

 Do you interact with the staff? Not only the person waiting on you but the chef, bartenders, busboys, Manger, ect?

Do you ask questions? Like…. What’s new on the menu? What is their favorite thing to order off the menu?

 Have you ever asked if the chef can fill special requests or make you something special?

Do you take the time to evaluate your overall experience and I don’t mean a post complaining on Face book or just telling your waitress everything was fine?

Now let’s take a look at you habits when you are at home.

 Is a lot of what you are make coming from a box, can or freezer?

Do you ever try to repeat or copy a recipe from your favorite restaurant even if it is fast food?

Do you ever try new ingredients, new cooking equipment or gadgets?

Do you cook to entertain and bring others into your kitchen?

How many nights a week do you actually make a quality meal and sit down to enjoy it?

I hope these questions got you thinking a little bit about your meals. I’m sure there are a few areas where we can add some adventure.

Now I am not a food expert or chef by any means. This page and its blogs aren’t going to be filled with lots of technical terms and five-star recipes that you can’t Pronounce. This page will however stick to the That Was Exciting theme by encouraging you to try something new, fun, and exciting. I will be posting restaurant reviews along with recipes you can make at home. I will be working with restaurant owners, chefs and the staff to help give you a behind the scenes look at how some of the things you love to eat are being created. As with all sections of my website I encourage you to become active not only giving some of this stuff a try but also giving feedback. Please post your questions, your favorite recipes, your tips or tricks and the restaurants you enjoy going to. I’ll try to be diversified as possible with the content, I know everyone likes something different when it comes to food. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell after reading a few of my posts that I am a soup and seafood lover. Any place that makes fresh soups has a good chance in showing up in a future review. If Seafood is on the menu that again is a another sure bet for an up and coming post.I can’t wait to find out what foods get you turned on as well. We all Have to eat so why not make it exciting.

So, you love food, but not sure how to get started with the exploring/adventure part? Here is how I got started and you can to. Remember to send me a copy of your first review, I look forward to seeing it:)

– If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with food adventures becoming active on TripAdvisor or some other similar program. This is a great way to track your experiences while helping others. Using the TripAdvisor App. has helped me slow down and not only think about my restaurant choice but also my menu choices, the atmosphere, the service and what makes the place that I’m dining at different or unique. By posting reviews on one of these sites you become more involved with your dining experiences and it’s a lot of fun looking back at your past reviews. Taking the time to snap a quick photo and write a review will help you share, remember, and enjoy the adventure. For more information on how I use TripAdvisor, what my reviews mean and how I come up with my ratings check out my TripAdvisor Page for all these kinds of details. I hope my food page and food posts will inspire you to whip up something new in the kitchen, throw a dinner party, send a new snack to school with your kids, give that little diner on the corner a try, and maybe give that restaurant you always just drive by a chance. So, let’s get this journey started.

Get out there and order something besides chicken! 🙂

“Here is what some of the “That Was Exciting” fans and crew have been saying.”

“It’s all about finding the little things that make the memories”

Keep up the great work.


“I had no idea that there where so many cool things  to do close by”

Thanks for all the ideas.

“To have someone relatable and real to follow now days is so refreshing  ”

I love following along.