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Mountain Biking Adventures

If you are looking for extreme mountain biking!!!!!!…… have come to the wrong place lol.

Here you will find information for those of us that like to get out and explore at a less aggressive pace. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy some challenging trails and some hard rides. I just like to make it back in one piece, so I can tell you all about the exciting adventures.

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Looking for lots of fun and exciting things to do??  Follow along and join the crew.  Finding little things that can make every day even better is what this is all about. From taco’s to treasure we will be exploring what my local area has to offer and beyond.

My Blog

Stories and details from some of my adventures. Helping  you find and try something is a big part of my vision. By sharing basic tips and tricks I hope to see you out and about making every day more exciting. If you have a story or would like to share a blog post that might help others let me know.

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Some of the gear I use and other discusions about equipments.

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Rails to trails in my area and places I’ve been riding..

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Space for this page to grow. Let me know if you have any good ideas that might fit.

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Some footage of the rides I’ve done.

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Here are some quick links to my local bike store and other places of interest.

Let’s Get Started                                                             With Some Mountain Biking Adventures

Looking for a site on hard-core mountain biking???….. This is not it:)

 But if you’re looking for a site by someone who knows all the crazy technical stuff about mountain biking……… once again this is not it.

 Ok so how about if you’re looking for a site that is more for the average guy or girl that likes to get out a few times per month and do some mountain biking…. you might be in the right spot now.

  Like most kids that grow up out in the country my mountain bike was my main form of transportation. I still remember my first “big kid” biking adventure. This memory starts out with me signing up to do a bike-a-thon ride for charity. I’m guessing I was around 12 years old and I was ready to upgrade to a big boy bike for this event. With all my saved-up money in hand I headed out to the store. Finding a very cool Huffy mountain bike that from what I can recall was a white and gray 24-inch, 10 speed, that was a little bit too big for me at the time. I still remember not being able to touch the ground which would end up being very painful in the near future. I have always questioned why boys bikes had a straight bar for us to land on when we fall off of the seat?? Certain streets around town where set up as the course forming a big loop that we rode around and around and around. It was important to follow the course because this is how they would track your mileage. For a few weeks leading up to the event everyone would go out to find sponsors. The sponsors would pay a few cents for every mile that was ridden, with these donations going towards a charity. To make a long story short 63 miles later alongside the last remaining “big kids” better known at that time as “The high schoolers” I finished up my first epic ride. Hopefully you have some great stories and memories that are similar from when you were biking as a kid. I can still remember the look on my grandmothers face when I went to collect 63 miles worth of donations. Priceless!

Now let’s fast forward 20 years.

For some reason I end up listening to some stuff about simplifying life and how to become more of a minimalist. This leads to Hiking, backpacking, Camping, hitchhiking, and you guessed it biking. Now with ideas of through hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail) or biking across uncharted wilderness in my head, the next logical step of course would be getting a new mountain bike. After doing a few weeks of research and really narrowing down my selections it was time to pull the trigger. Now if you are like me and the last biking experiences you can think about was a few decades ago, let me tell you things have changed since then.  Biking technology is now totally awesome!! Everything from hydraulic disc brakes to air suspension systems that actually work are now available. I did however end up choosing a model that still needs a rider to pedal and steer it tho LOL.  I’ll go into further details about the bike model that I ended up getting in the gear section as well as a separate blog post for you.

 So once again with a shiny new bike I decided to take it out for a spin. Now that I was an instant minimalist and biker, I decided to ride to my dentist appointment the next day. My grand new ideas quickly become reality and 38 miles later I found myself finally returning home with my legs in more pain than my mouth. Since that maiden voyage I have done several trips that have ended with spectacular stories similar to this. It is a great feeling to get out and push yourself in ways you haven’t in years. I think mixing things from your past that you are familiar with, is a good way to feel more comfortable when trying new adventures. If you are serious about getting back into biking one of my first recommendations is to find a buddy. Having someone else to go out riding with is a ton of fun. There are also many other advantages that I’m sure we will touch on in future posts from safety to storytelling. After showing Adam how awesome the technology has become on these new age bikes, of course he decided to start riding again too. We have logged a few hundred miles and every mile makes for another great story. Check out the links on this page and the stories throughout my blog about some of our biking adventures.

So, to wrap it up, this page is going to be “geared” more towards the beginner and regular weekend warrior. Most of the biking adventures that you will be seeing can be done in an afternoon or a single day for the most part. I’m going to highlight a lot of the details like how to get there, how our ride went, what to bring, where to grab lunch and many other tips that could help you have a great time. If you’re located somewhere else in the country and the locations I mention are a little too far away I guarantee there will still be some great tips and stories for you to read about. I also encourage all of you to share your tips and biking adventures with the rest of us. We are always looking for new places to explore. There are tons of exciting places to ride and I can’t wait to hear more about them. And remember the goal is that some of this information will help you get out and “Make Every Day An Adventure!”

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