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Treasure Adventures

From things lost in the past, to things hidden more recently. Searching for and finding treasures is the stuff exciting adventures are made of.

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Looking for lots of fun and exciting things to do??  Follow along and join the crew.  Finding little things that can make every day even better is what this is all about. From taco’s to treasure we will be exploring what my local area has to offer and beyond.

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Stories and details from some of my adventures. Helping  you find and try something is a big part of my vision. By sharing basic tips and tricks I hope to see you out and about making every day more exciting. If you have a story or would like to share a blog post that might help others let me know.

Treasure Hunting Topics

My Treasure Hunts

Do you want to find real valuables and treasure?? 


Grab your GPS and join the game.

Treasure Hunting Books

Have you ever heard about “Forest Fenn”, “Secret” or the Cowboy Treasure books???

Natural Treasures

Raw Gold, Silver, Opal, Crystals, Fossil’s,   Gem Stones and More .

Metal Detecting

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Coming Soon

Room to expand this topic. Give me some other ideas that would be a great fit.

Treasure Adventures


The Book - "Secret"

An 80’s Treasure Hunt That’s Sill Going On

  • Only 3 out of 12 treasures found
  • Highlighted on The Discovery Channel
  • Spread out across the US/ North America
  • Large online comunity of searchers
  • Fun for the whole family

Emerald Hollow Mine

Hiddenite North Carolina

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The Money Pit

One Of Histories Most Hunted For Treasures

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Find Real Cash & Treasure

Links And Partners

 Gear, information and more.

Let’s get the hunt started.

“Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it…obtainer of rare antiquities”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that grew up watched Indiana Jones traveling the world in search of adventure and treasure. Obviously, there are tons of movies that captivate our imaginations to seek adventure and riches. There is just something about hunting for adventure that is part of the human spirit. From mapping new lands to discovering new species we have always been out looking and searching for hidden excitement.

As far as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in treasure from finding penny’s in parking lots to pretending to be a pirate. I now find myself being bitten by the treasure bug every winter while the weather is keeping me inside. I begin researching things about treasure hunting. I pull out the old VHS tapes that I recorded years ago about the top places to find hidden and buried treasure. I dust off my treasure book collection and start looking up TV series about lost mob loot, art work that has never been found and locations that we can all dig for gem stones. These things always get my imagination running wild which leads me to the next treasure hunt.

You will start to see that I enjoy any kind of good Treasure Adventure. My interest in treasure hunting has led me to trying many things over the years. I’ve gotten metal detecting gear, taken scuba classes, looked up locations to pan for gold, dug for emeralds, and has been one of the many reasons for building this adventure blog. I’m looking forward to sharing these adventures with you and hope to see you out there hunting around. I will be going over some of my favorite treasure topics like geocaching, scavenger hunting, metal detecting and the research that goes into it all. I will also be hiding my own secret caches along the way some filled with real Ca$h and valuable prizes that you will be able to find.

“Here is what some of the “That Was Exciting” fans and crew have been saying.”

“It’s all about finding the little things that make the memories”

Keep up the great work.

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