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My First Time On The GAP Trail

The collection of all my Facebook posts from the trip.

Federal Hill Smokehouse Erie PA

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em"       I kept hearing good things about the new BBQ place in town and how it keeps selling out. So you know what that means - "Food Adventure Time" You can tell your going to get some good authentic BBQ right when you walk...

Bop Stop Cleveland

Tonight's adventure has me at the Bop Stop in Cleveland. WINNER of the FOX 8 BUZZ LIST "Nightlife Spots" category as well as the WINNER of Scene Magazine's "Best of Cleveland: BEST JAZZ CLUB" This place is really cool and purposely set up for live entertainment. The...

Oil Creek State Park

Trip Details Date: 1-8-2016 Location: Oil Creek State Park - Titusville, Pennsylvania 16354 Distance from That Was Exciting Office: Erie P.A.: 41 miles / 58 minutes Ride Data Total distance: 38.3 km / 23.8 miles Total Time: 7 hours 42 min. (including exploring and...

Grumpy’s Cafe Cleveland Food Adventure

"Happy we went to Grumpy's" Grumpy's Cafe was only a short bike ride away from the hostel, so we headed out for some breakfast. We walked in a few minutes after 8 AM on a Sunday. Easy to get a seat since the doors just opened. Nice local place with a diner type of a...

Panama State Forest Mountain Biking The Fred J. Cusimano WestSide OverLand Trail

Trip Details Date: 12-26-2015 Location: Panama State Forest - Panama, New York 14767 Distance from That Was Exciting Office: Erie P.A. : 27miles / 33 minutes Ride Data Total distance: 28.2 km / 17.5 miles Total Time: 3 hours 40 min. (including exploring and breaks)...

Holiday Valley Resort’s Sky High Mountain Coaster

Here is some Information off of Holiday Valley's website The Mountain Coaster is similar to a roller coaster but it's built on a mountain. One or two riders sit in a “car” attached to rails that pulls you up the hill, then it follows a zig zagging spiraling path down...

First Time Exploring The Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail

Trip Details Date: 12-10-2015 Location: North Harmony State Forest - Panama, New York 14767 Distance from That Was Exciting Office: Erie P.A. : 27 miles / 33 minutes Ride Data Total distance: 15.4 km / 9.5 miles Total Time: 2 hours 15 min. (including exploring and...

Play Port BYOB 21+ Friday Nights

  "Friday Night Fun"     Looking for something fun and different to do for.....Date Night, Girls Night Out, Guy's Night, Blind Date, or a place to meet some new friends??  Then Play Ports Friday Night 21+ BYOB might be just the ticket! On Friday nights...

My First Airbnb Stay

"First Time Using Airbnb"     What a cool place! As you make your way through the wrought iron gate, you'll discover a hidden Courtyard. The magical feeling of being transported out of the hustle and bustle of the city starts to sets in, as you stroll...


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